Soloists at Synergy PAC Dance Competition

June 26th-30th, our Competition Team Dancers will be competing at Encore Performing Arts National Competition in Galveston, Texas!

We know that Kylie, Noire, Leigha, Marydith, Sarah, Elly, Allyson, Joanna, Brielle, Kalin, Jazlyn, Valerie, Layla, Ariel will rock the stage at Nationals!!!

2022-2023 Competition Teams 

Team 1 Competitive & Performance Team

Kylie Simone Johnson

Noire Allen

Joanna Hernandez

Annabelle Victorio

Leah Figueroa

Team 2 Competitive & Performance Team

Sarah Kirby

Allyson Espeleta

Layla Sustaita

Valerie Vega

Jazlyn Goldberg

Brielle Hopkins

Ginesis Langford-Norton

Cadence Minner

Alyssa Holmes

Trinity Agyemang

Elite Competitive & Performance Team

Leigha Franz

Elly Reyes

Marydith Agyemang

Elliana "Ellie" Pomerleau

Ariel Satinsky

Heidi Olvera

Lynette Olvera

Reagan Holland

Great job dancers! We are excited for Season 6!!!